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Day 1

Today I officially officially started studying for the bar exam. Eesh. Unlike a lot of folks that’ll take the bar this summer, I took most of the classes that we’ll be tested on about 5 years ago… add to that the fact that I was in a much different place then and you have a recipe for possible disaster. I remember almost nothing about Contracts, Torts, Constitutional Law or Property. Like nothing. Luckily for me i was interested in Evidence in Criminal Law/Procedure, so I have a decent background/understanding of those topics, but other than that… not so much. So, a week before the actual classes begin I’ve started reviewing.

I’ve signed up for both PMBR (the 6-day and 3-day) as well as Barbri. Truth be told, the CA bar has me a bit scared. The thing that has bothered me so far about the classes (even thought neither has started yet), is that I still honestly don’t know what to expect from these classes. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do before classes start. I don’t know what I should have done by the first day. I’m pretty much prepared to start off a bit behind but hopefully i’ll figure it out.

In addition to studying there’s the job hunt and just trying to improve my life in general. I know that getting in better shape will improve my stamina which will help while i’m trying to take this 3-day test. I’m also trying to get back into the habit of cooking. Being unemployed gives me PLENTY of time to cook and eat healthy. I just need to remember how to do that. I’m also toying with the idea of going back to being a vegetarian… I also just bought a pack of bacon so… Maybe i could be a vegetarian that eats bacon twice a week or something… I need to figure that part out. Other than that I’m purging what I can from this house. Come hell or high water we’re moving somewhere in September and I’m tired of lugging junk from one place to the next. No more junk = the motto.

I also need to get on a better sleeping schedule so… zzzzzzzzzzzzz

One Response to “Day 1”

  1. “Maybe i could be a vegetarian that eats bacon twice a week or something.”

    That’s pretty awesome, srsly. 😉

    When I was job searching I used to cook incessantly to make myself feel more productive. It worked. Also, I ate a lot.

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