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The Day the World Changes

November 8, 2011

I can eat apples now… and plums… tomorrow i think i will try a pear.  I’m sure that “accomplishment” isn’t nearly as exciting to others as it is to me.  But the truth of the matter is that I’ve spent the vast majority of my life wishing i could eat fruit.  A random allergy has […]

I Haven’t Stopped Drinking

December 16, 2010

I’m actually not sure why… well yes i know why… i don’t want to stop drinking. I like drinking. I suppose this type of behavior is a bit self-destructive… and yet it’s typical monica. In my mind, if i’m getting bloodwork done every 3 weeks or so, I’ll know before my liver is done… mmhmm… […]

Sober Day 6

November 6, 2010

After a bunch of allergic reactions, laziness, and general denial, I am now officially on meds for the RA. As much as i hate having to take the meds, the hardest part by far is giving up drinking. It’s not that I have a drinking problem, it’s just that so much of my social interaction […]

Tomorrow = First Day of the Rest of My Life

September 19, 2010

Yes… i’m being EXTRA dramatic. I mean technically isn’t every day the start of the rest of your life? I always hated that saying, but that is neither here nor there. So i’ll back up a bit. I’ve been aching something awful since at least February. At the insistence of a good friend, I finally […]

Day 1

May 14, 2009

Today I officially officially started studying for the bar exam. Eesh. Unlike a lot of folks that’ll take the bar this summer, I took most of the classes that we’ll be tested on about 5 years ago… add to that the fact that I was in a much different place then and you have a […]