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Sober Day 6

After a bunch of allergic reactions, laziness, and general denial, I am now officially on meds for the RA. As much as i hate having to take the meds, the hardest part by far is giving up drinking. It’s not that I have a drinking problem, it’s just that so much of my social interaction involves alcohol. It’s strange to go to hang out at a bar and order soda or juice, but none of that is worth messing up my liver so i guess that’s my trade-off. Booze 0, Liver 1.

I’m really at a loss for words at the verdict of the trial of the police officer who killed Oscar Grant (an unarmed, 22 year old black man) on a BART platform… involuntary manslaughter. 2 yrs. I really try not to be that person who pulls the race card all willy-nilly… but when the judge in the case tells the family of the victim that a crime couldn’t possibly be racially motivated because the President is Black… stuff like that just makes me angry… and sad… but mostly angry.

There’s more that i want to say, but honestly my mind is a mess with entirely too much going on inside that small space, so I think i’ll just end it here.

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