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I’m Focused, Man…

I’m thinking that when I title a blog with a Jay-Z quote it means i’m in a good mood… either that or I’m feeling particularly cocky… either way, after a semi hiatus, I’m back.

It’s officially my favorite season in my second favorite city, and the trees are FINALLY starting to bloom and the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up. Spring is here, love is in the air, and it’s Eric’s birthday. I should stop for a second to say that I’ve been wanting to blog about Eric for a LONG time… but i’m also lazy (deal with it). But yeah, I got a saved draft post and everything. Eric is hands down one of the most talented people I have ever known. He does everything with photography that i want to do… I mean he’s the guy that pays attention to the smallest of details and manages to take pictures of the most obscure and intriguing things. Eric sees stickers in places i wouldn’t even think to look. he has an eye for seeing beauty in the most random places. Add to that he gives AMAZING gifts… I mean really? Souls of Mischief ’93 til on vinyl? AND Kang from the KidRobot Simpsons collection? That’s clearly someone who knows me, pays attention to the random things that make me so happy, and goes out of his way to share that happiness. I am so greatful to have him as a friend, and while i don’t have some awesome gift en route to Oakland, I do wish him alllll the happiness in the world today.

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that the whole subsoniq cancellation hit me a little harder than i wanted to admit. i mean my last post definitely touched on a lot of what i was feeling but i think i tried to downplay the effect it’s had on me. I’m happy to say that we’ve been able to move forward with the podcast though and we also have some other things in the works that should make the whole thing into something much bigger and better than it ever was, or could have been on our former platform.

Which brings me to another story… Social Networking is undoubtedly a gift and a curse, for every 1 person you friend/follow/add, there’s 3 more that you want to block/hide/unfollow/etc. I have been extremely lucky to do a lot less of the latter, but I know how it can be. The other day I got back in touch with a friend I probably hadn’t seen from, talked to, in easily 18 or 19 years. In a casual conversation about plans for the future and goals and things like that I dismissively spoke on some of the things we were looking at doing in the future for Subsoniq, and the words of respect and encouragement I received were amazing.

I am in an amazing place right now. There is so much going on around me. So much that I am a part of. So much love and happiness and joy in my life. I am blessed to be surrounded on a constant basis by so many amazing people. I always say I’m “cautiously optimistic” because I think I always expect the other shoe to drop at any second, but I’m thinking I might need to upgrade to full on optimism… maybe lol.

In 48 hours I’ll be in Parris Island watching my nephew become a marine, surrounded by the people who shaped who I am today. I’m a big ball of emotions right now, but Joy and Pride are probably the two most prevalent.

Ok ok… I know this is out of character lol. No worries, I’ll be back to hating everything in a couple days. It’s just this spring fever that’s got me all turned around. In the meantime, get outside and enjoy the sun or something.

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  1. You are awesome! Thank you! šŸ™‚

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