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I remember way back when..

and by “way back when” i mean less than a week ago.. when my favorite season had just descended upon this city… and i loved the city and the cherry blossoms… today it was hot and humid and gross. I’m not sure what my employer is thinking either as it was a nice and toasty 82º when i entered my office this morning.
I think i spent the first 30 minutes of my workday thinking about the summers of 2007 and 2008… In 2007 we spent 6 weeks in San Francisco… not doing a damn thing but hanging out and cooking out and just generally relaxing… That was the summer we drove across country and back, and i realized that I might actually like to revisit Wyoming at some point. We lived on Haight St that summer… sure there was likely some crystal meth under the bed… but it was an otherwise great location… We actually got sunshine in the late morning and got to feel the temps go up to a perfect mid 60s…
Then there was the summer of 2008, when i headed west alone and lived off of Geary… The weather over there was actually kinda crappy… but I loved the cool temps nevertheless… but now? Where are my cool mid 60s summers? A distant memory as I am set to endure another awful DC summer.

Anyone in San Fran hiring?

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