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Mojito Madness 2010

(thanks to Mike Corones: twitter – @corones for the sensationalist title)

So, it’s no secret that I love my mojitos. I believe i had my first mojito at L’oriol Plaza back in like 2003. I fell i love immediately, and since that time I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect mojito. The ones at L’oriol quickly fell off. Often too limey or too syrupy… it was just wrong. To me, the “perfect” mojito, is not too sweet… There is the distinct taste of mint… refreshing, combined with lime… fresh lime… Just the right sweetness to take that bitter edge off, and a bit of club soda to give it a little bite.
Over the years there have been some standout mojitos… one was in Santa Monica across the street from where my friend Olga used to live. Another was in a bar in Vegas… the MGM Grand i think… but i need a consistently good mojito here in the DC area. Without a doubt the two best mojitos I’ve ever had in DC were at Be Bar and Cubano’s. Be Bar was a gay bar that has since closed (i think) and Cubano’s is more of a restaurant than a bar, so I feel obligated to eat when i’m there, and the idea of just getting a mojito is a bit difficult.
A few years ago, I took matters into my own hands and started making my own mojitos… Honestly, I’m pretty decent, but the thrill of the mojito (for me) is warm spring days, sipping refreshing beverages outside in the warm (not hot) sun. To make things more difficult, I realized that i began to drink mojitos year round. When my friend Tony gave me a mint plant, I was always heading outside to grab a few leaves to make quick mojito. They were tasty, but it stopped being special.
I made the decision last winter, that I would save my mojitos for the spring.. .as a way to celebrate the change of the season (yes, i take the damn drink this seriously) and to make sure it was always special… And so now, here we are… April 2010. The weather has broken… trees and flowers are blooming, and DC is generally awesome right now. As I sat in my office today, I realized that there is no better time than the present to begin my quest for the best mojito in DC. There’s no real stuffy list of criteria. I want fresh ingredients and reasonable prices. Atmosphere is nice, but taste is most important. It can be anywhere inside the beltway… although i really have no desire to go to VA for anything. The plan is to consume as many mojitos (responsibly) as possible. Different flavors, different parts of the city, etc. I’m open to suggestions. The end result that I’m hoping for, is identifying a go-to place where i can consistently enjoy a great mojito without a bunch of extra shit.
I’ll begin to detail my quest tomorrow… but i can tell you that the first spot – Mezè in Adams Morgan, did not disappoint

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