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Back to business

I’ve strayed away from some things that are important to me lately. Been neglecting the photos and the studying and just a lot of other “me” stuff. I’m working to get back to that. I miss music most of all though. I miss hearing new music. I miss just being caught up in something that means so much to me. So i’m working on getting back to it.

I’m also working on tying up some loose ends. That means studying for and passing the bar exam and the constant struggle to find some direction in my life. That can be the source of a lot of stress for me, but the reality is, that’s just what life is for me. I’m not comfortable sitting still. i need to be in constant motion. Now i just need to figure out how to make that work for me… updates forthcoming lol

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  1. *twiddles thumbs and patiently waits*

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