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I believe the children are the future

It’s no secret that one of my long-term goals is to start/run/manage a school. The ultimate goal is to get parents invested in their kids’ education and focus on improving financial literacy/life skills for the entire family… yes, i realize the irony of me wanting to educate others on financial literacy, but whatever. I feel like i may be one step closer to the mission with my new job. No plans to get into detail but it’s in the education realm. I don’t see it as my “gateway” job, but I do feel that it will allow me to at least begin to understand how the education system works and allow me to make some good contacts… That being said, I wouldn’t be me if that was my only endeavor occupying my time. In addition to working with Cap Citi, and still planning to someday tackle the bar exam, I am also considering becoming certified in project and program management and working to become debt free asap so that I can go into business for myself in some capacity sooner rather than later. The rationale is that the less debt I have the more risks that i can take…. I just don’t feel like i’m cut out to work for someone else…
Ideally the best friend and i will come up with a business plan and it will make us filthy rich… i’ll keep you posted on that…

One Response to “I believe the children are the future”

  1. Yes, kids are the future, we are going to change the world someday. Even with all the negative things spoken upon us right now, rarely are we noted for the positive. But i have no doubt that my generation will be the one to make a difference..majorly

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