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We made it…

14 weeks later…

The Dictator came home on his due date… and it was both the scariest and best day of this journey.  I purposely stalled all day so that we could head home during the evening shift.  We had a million amazing nurses, but the evening shift nurses have a special place in my heart so i knew i couldn’t leave without them getting to say goodbye to the little one.  He went home at about 6lbs 6oz.  and today we’re up to about 10lbs 5oz.  We all wish he was gaining weight a little more quickly, but he’s moving forward slowly but surely.  He’s had some ups and downs, and it’s been terribly frustrating to watch the progress of babies born around the time of his due date, but I’m doing my best to be supportive and patient with his growth.

Although he’s moving at a steady pace, things around him seem to be moving at lightening speed.  His grandma is moving out to help take care of him because I will be returning to work in a couple weeks.  I have such mixed emotions about this.  I am so glad to have something (else) to do all day and to use my brain in other ways, but I will definitely miss the constant interaction with him.  I love to help him and to see him make progress so it’s going to be strange to only see him in the evenings.  I’ve already decided that I’m going to play the lottery regularly so that I can maybe someday just work part time because I want to.

It’s been almost a year since the husband moved out here and honestly time has flown by.  Pretty much half of that year has been spent worrying about and taking care of the Dictator, but I’ve learned a ton.  That being said, I’m hoping for a fairly uneventful 2015.

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