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On Tap For The Weekend

So before I go off on a tangent about this weekend, let’s talk about how bad I suck.  Yesterday DJ Spinna was at XM for the Red Bull Music Academy session. I got to work lateso that I could just stay all the way thru to the session… at about 630 I actually started working and well… I missed it. At about 1030 me and B headed over to the afterparty at Jin which was cool… unfortunately i have positively no pictures.
And speaking of things I missed out on, I was also supposed to head out with the ALR folks to this spot. Now I should mention that I thought that I was supposed to meet with them last week so I kinda wasn’t really feeling the idea of going back for the second week in a row. But I must say that place is DEFINITELY on my list of places to visit more often. Besides that fact that they have like the most amazing beer list ever, this place has… Pyramid Apricot Ale. Up until that night I hadn’t seen Apricot Ale anywhere but Cali. Needless to say I was THRILLED.

So this weekend I have my 15 year high school reunion… bah
Saturday or Sunday I’m going to try to hit up the National Portrait Gallery to see the temporary exhibit focusing on Hip Hop Culture. It’s called RECOGNIZE! Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture. It has photography, painting, graffiti, film and poetry sections. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the camera in there… otherwise it’ll just be a bunch of pics of the exterior of the portrait gallery.

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