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What a Day

February 3, 2010

Below is a rant of sorts about my feelings upon hearing that Subsoniq (a show on Sirius XM) was cancelled. I feel compelled to note that these are solely my thoughts. My words represent my feelings only and should not be construed as representative of the views of any of the former hosts on the […]

Ok ok… let’s lighten this up – The Hundreds

May 5, 2008

The Hundreds has opened a store in San Francisco (585 Post Street to be exact) Now ever since I started seeing the logo, i’ve been a fan… but i figured that with such a cool logo there were gonna get a ton of shine and i just didn’t wanna have on what everyone else had […]

On Tap For The Weekend

April 25, 2008

So before I go off on a tangent about this weekend, let’s talk about how bad I suck.  Yesterday DJ Spinna was at XM for the Red Bull Music Academy session. I got to work lateso that I could just stay all the way thru to the session… at about 630 I actually started working […]


April 24, 2008

  I almost forgot about the spot I went to last Friday. So AM Radio developed a project with Scion where they took a townhouse in Baltimore and turned it into a “lifestyle gallery/residence”. The house featured original art work and played host to several events during it’s almost month long run. I made it […]