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The Future

Yesterday was the hardest day I’ve had in awhile. My mom, oldest sister and I went to look at nursing homes for my dad. No matter how right I think the decision is, it still hurts that it’s gotten to this point. I was extremely frustrated with some of the stuff I saw yesterday. One of the nursing homes we went to made my stomach turn. Residents were propped up in front of tvs… staring into space. The staff was uninterested. A woman in a wheelchair was getting on the elevator while the woman on the phone at the desk yelled for her to come back. Her coworkers, who were standing around doing nothing, laughed.

I don’t want that for my dad. Despite what my brother in law seems to think, we’re not shipping my dad off to die. My mother is unable to continue to care for my father. My sisters and I can only do so much to assist her. Both of my parents are withering away to nothing. Something must be done.

I’m tired of talking/thinking about that stuff.

I had an interesting weekend and accomplished approximately none of the stuff that i had hoped to. It was nice though. My high school reunion was fiday and, surprisingly I had quite a bit of fun. Saturday I was able to relax a bit and let some of this built up tension go so I guess it was worth it.

True to form, however, things are picking back up since I’m headed to san fran in about 25 days. I’m really looking forward to it, but i have a TON of stuff to do before then. I’m just ready to get there and get this car-less 10 weeks started.

One Response to “The Future”

  1. My grandpa is in a nursing home. He is like my dad because he basically raised me. It’s upsetting because it seems like everyone else in the family is totally cool with him being there. My aunt has gone so far as to say she didn’t want him to come back home (he had been living with her previously) because she didn’t want to deal with him. He’s not THAT bad off, in my opinion. Unfortunately I live a couple states away and can’t really do anything about it.
    Basically, I feel you. I’m confident that you, as a family, came together to do what is right. Just make sure you keep up with what’s going on in there and keep him stimulated/loved/connected.
    I feel I could write a ton on this so I’ll stop and add an entry to my own blog.

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