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Painfully beautiful

A good friend shared some music with me…

Back in college I wanted to be a psychology major…. I had dreams of making a difference in people’s lives by being there to listen and then helping them find their way.  Early in the game a professor pointed out that i get too involved to be able to step away from my work.  She didn’t say it to discourage me, but rather to help me to see some of the issues/obstacles i would face in my chosen profession.  It was around that time that i decided that perhaps being in public relations was a better fit…

A good friend shared some music with me…

The thing I’ve always loved about music is how it can capture a mood and put you in another world… it bring you up… it can bring you down… but when the creator of the music is honest about what he is feeling when he makes a song, you cannot help but to take that ride with them… to feel their joy or to feel the intense sting of their pain.

A good friend shared some music with me…

And it is the most painfully beautiful thing that i have ever experienced.  To hear emotions so intensely… to be a part of someone’s pain and hurt… to feel the same feeling of helplessness that is poured into some of the most beautiful music I have ever experienced… I find myself torn between trying to determine how I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talent and holding back tears for all the pain that was endured to create something so painfully beautiful.

I’ve been given free reign to ask as many questions about the music as i care to… but it doesn’t seem right… Listening to the music is such a journey into the mind of an artist… but to ask questions seems almost too intrusive… too imposing… and yet my mind races with questions about the creative process… but the question that lingers is how does something so beautiful come from so much hurt?  Some songs I know i won’t be able to listen to a second time… others haunt me…

A good friend shared some music with me…

and i am so grateful for the opportunity to listen… and to hear… and to experience it. 

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