Gangsta Mittens
Words combined to express thoughts. Pictures displayed to convey emotion. Opening my brain to the world.


Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone to grow… I did that the summer of 2008.  Took a job in SF despite my concerns about my father’s health.  Yes it was only 10 weeks… but it was the scariest thing i had done.  And it was bad… i mean my biggest fear came true… i lost my dad while i was gone… and it hurt… and then i dealt with it… i went thru the stages of grief… and i made it thru it…

I’m about to step out of my comfort zone again… leaving behind the (more) certain and the “easy” to try something new… to do something different… to live my dream.  A dream i’ve had since 1999… it took 15 years and lots of twists and turns… but now it’s here…

I hate being vague, but that’s all i can do right now… all i know is that I’m ready.  i’m excited… and i’m scared to death.  but i’m not alone.  i’ll never be alone.  and really that’s all i need.


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