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Archive for February 2008

I’m annoyed

February 8, 2008

If you know someone is waiting on your parking space, do you take your time? If you know someone is having a conversation, do you interrupt them because you feel that what you have to say is more important? If you know it’s raining/sleeting/sweltering/snowing/hailing/etc outside, do you leave your boyfriend/girlfriend to fend for themselves in […]

Baby Steps

February 6, 2008

So Mickey said that to help myself not feel overwhelmed, i need to start taking baby steps… that way I’m forced to do a little at a time and not end up crazed when I’ve managed to wait til the last minute. Yay Mickey! In other news, I’m starting to get really anxious about the […]

Just a few things

February 5, 2008

so… I’m stressed, overwhelmed and generally frustrated. But, I’m still here. I have a buncha stuff on my plate but i’m plodding along. For the most part though, things are good. I’m currently searching for a church to join. I’m kinda torn on the topic. I mean I consider myself very spiritual, but not particularly […]