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Archive for March 2008

The Last Day

March 14, 2008

So… this is it. Today is our last day (this time around) in San Fran. As usual we’ve had a blast. Eaten at a ton of great places, tried to spend some time in neighborhoods that we weren’t familiar with. It’s funny because at this point, when I come to San Fran it’s not about […]

I Did It

March 10, 2008

And now my reward… At about 3pm today I turned in my comment which *should* mean that I have met both the requirements for the Journal and my Upper Level Writing requirement… which *should* mean that I have 18 more credits to take before I am official law school graduate… and after this summer and […]


March 6, 2008

We leave for San Francisco in 4 days… and I have a TON of shit to do before then. It’s going to be a much deserved vacation though. I’m turning in my comment on Sunday then I’m packing and relaxing. Yay! Time seems like it’s been sped up lately. Everything is shifting… everyone is moving […]

I’m better

March 1, 2008

… and BJ’s better too. I don’t think I’ve been that sick in YEARS. I can honestly say the flu picked me up and knocked me on my ass. Either way i’m pretty much better now and that’s what’s important. I also got back out to see the godkids today. That made me smile… and […]