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October 25, 2008

Like just dead tired.  I don’t want to do anything but sleep… which is bad… because i’m also very very busy.  This is my last *real* semester of school.  If i can just make it thru this it’ll be smooth sailing… but i’m falling behind because i’m so overwhelmed.  Really I just need to get […]

… and im back

September 1, 2008

It seems like it’s taking forever for me to get readjusted to life in DC.  Perhaps it’s just further proof that I’m not supposed to be here.  I’m doin all tht I can think to do to make sure that in May 2009 I will be blogging about packin up my shit and heading west […]

“I’m so excited!!! I’m so… scared” © Jesse Spano

May 25, 2008

So i’m 9 hours away from getting on the plane to head to SF… I’m terrified. Besides thinking that I’m not qualified, I’m terrified at being so far away from home for so long. When I first got separated back in 2005, I realized that it was my first time living alone. Since that time, […]

The Future

April 30, 2008

Yesterday was the hardest day I’ve had in awhile. My mom, oldest sister and I went to look at nursing homes for my dad. No matter how right I think the decision is, it still hurts that it’s gotten to this point. I was extremely frustrated with some of the stuff I saw yesterday. One […]

What is my motivation?

April 10, 2008

I’m seriously having trouble. I don’t want to do anything… I’m not sure if i’m overwhelmed by what needs to be done… or maybe i’m just lazy. Whatever it is, I’m stuck. The end of the semester is RIGHT around the corner and i’m still sitting on my hands… doing a whole bunch of nothing. […]