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And now, a Rant

May 8, 2008

Customer service tends to suck.  Point blank period.  It is 9:23am and so far today I have made three customer service related calls… 2/3 of the calls sucked.   Please don’t ever… ever ever ever ever ever… ever bank with Bank of America.  I closed my account that had been open for just 2 days this […]

Breathe Easy

April 22, 2008

I’m finally feeling like a human being again. Getting some sleep, relaxing a bit and even managing to study for my final. *This* is a good feeling. The past 4 days were also pretty much the stuff that dreams are made of. I had a chance to meet a producer who’s work I really respect […]

The problem with fortunes, superstitions, etc

September 20, 2007

so i got that fortune the other day, and i admit to believing fortunes, horoscopes, superstitions, etc when they can be twisted to say what i want them to say. So of course that fortune meant to take a chance and just move to san francisco… this afternoon i got a phone call offering me […]

I’m Back

August 28, 2007

After what turned out to be a truly amazing summer, I am back in this “place.” I have always been fairly candid about my dislike for DC, but it has multiplied since i have been gone. Work is still work, school is still school but the unhappiness that I’m currently experiencing is unreal. It appears […]

This could be the best summer ever

July 8, 2007

I spent the day yesterday with one of my favorite couples here in San Fran. Imagine if you will, two foodies who enjoy being outside and laffing and having a couple of drinks… like they could be my bestest friends ever! We ate at Sunflower, a Vietnamese restaurant near 16th and Valencia and the food […]